Charlamagne Tha God Attempts To Find Out 'What's Wrong' With Miley Cyrus [Bonus Scene]


The season finale of "Charlamagne & Friends" aired last night, which means Charlamagne Tha God's cartoon alter-ego will have to head back into animation oblivion and stop picking rapper's brains for a while. His real-life counterpart, however, isn't ready to give the inquisitions a rest. In the bonus scene below, Tha God digs deep -- this time into some New Yorkers' minds -- for answers regarding Miley Cyrus, backdoor booty and other blush-inducing topics.

"What's wrong with anal sex?" Tha God asks one man during a game aptly titled "What's Wrong with It?" "It feels great," he adds. Teeee. EMMMM. I.

Although sufficiently distracted, the guy shyly agrees, but the subject of Miley Cyrus stirs up a bit of debate between the SoHo shop's customers. One dude claims her lack of junk in the trunk is a big problem for him, while another says the twerking queen is flawless. Wonder if he was swayed by her recent makeout with Katy Perry?

+ Check out the clip, and voice your point of view on Miss Cyrus in the comments. (You can save the butt sex talk for someplace private.)