'Real World S#!t Show' Sneak Peek: Jamie Says She'd NEVER Give Up Her Gauges For Tom


Jamie of "Real World: Ex-Plosion" put her heart on the line to make things official with Thomas, but -- make no mistake -- her ears are off the table. On tonight's "Real World S#!t Show," hosts Willam Belli of "RuPaul’s Drag Race" and Chet Cannon of "Real World: Brooklyn" will dig for dirt on Jamie's relationship with Tom by way of Facebook fan questions, and the answer to one in particular proves rather enlightening.

"These babies are staying in," Jamie asserts in the sneak peek below when asked if she'd ever remove her gauges for her beau. "I've got an emotional attachment to these bitches, and no guy is gonna steer me away from them." Yet while Jamie takes much pride in her punk-rock look, don't get it twisted -- there's no kinky ulterior motive to having huge holes in her lobes.

"[A gentleman] has not [stuck] his penis in my ear, no," Jaime spouts before Willam can even begin his question, but he assures her his mind was NOT in the gutter. "I was gonna say, 'Has any gentleman ever treated you like a sweet, sweet symphony?'" Sure, Willam, we believe you...

Take a look at the clip, and stay tuned for tonight's "Real World: S#!t Show" on MTV.com at 11/10c, immediately following an all-new "Ex-Plosion."

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