'Charlamagne & Friends' Guest Star Danielle Brooks (a.k.a. 'Taystee') Offers Her Top Prison Survival Tip


"Charlamagne & Friends" guests Rick Ross, Danielle Brooks and Andrew Schulz goof off while filming.

While playing a prison inmate on the hit Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black," actress Danielle Brooks picked up quite a few pointers from her badass character, Taystee. So, before filming her guest spot on tonight's "Charlamagne & Friends," we asked Brooks to share her top tip for surviving life in the big house. We sure hope none of you ever find yourselves behind bars and have to put her advice to use, but better safe than sorry!

"It's all about the trading," Danielle reveals in the backstage Instavid below. (For an example, "Orange" fans can refer to the scene in which Taystee swapped some of her food for a piece of Piper's blonde locks.)

We suspect Charlamagne's other guest would've likely accepted Taystee's offer had he been in Piper's predicament, because everybody knows Rick Ross is a fan of food. In fact, in this sneak peek of tonight's show, Ross shares his finger-lickin' fish recipe that tempts Danielle to barter some of her "sugar" for a bite of the Boss' buttery goodness.

Below, find out how to get a leg up on your fellow felons, and watch the sneak peek of tonight's "Charlamagne & Friends," airing tonight at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

Photo: Brittany Travis/MTV2