Jeff Davis Regrets To Inform You There Will Be No Shirtless Oaks On 'Teen Wolf' [Video]


"Teen Wolf" has taken the TV horror genre to new levels this season, with tons of suspense, gore and even steaminess, but show creator Jeff Davis has his limits with the latter. As the head honcho explains how he incorporates mythologies into the scripts in the "Teen Wolf After After Show" clip below, he admits he takes certain liberties -- for instance, not tapping into the Kitsune's ability to turn into different parts of nature, or even a second moon -- and when host Morgan Evans asks if that means there will be no shirtless oaks or spruces anytime soon, Davis regretfully confirms.


Still, the executive producer shares that there's at least one thing you can count on this season, and that's for the Beacon Hills roller-coaster ride to completely go off the rails. "It's gonna get lethal in this last little bit of 'Teen Wolf,' and I think this is one of our best season endings yet," he says. "We leave on one of our biggest cliffhangers yet." For a guy who gets his kicks leaving fans utterly stunned, you just know he ain't lyin'.

"I love scaring people," Davis adds. "I think it's a feeling of control -- you like to know that you can play your audience."

Check out the interview, and tune in to the next "Teen Wolf" Monday night at 10/9c!

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