'Teen Mom 2' Featured Moments: Kail And Javi Confide About Wedding Stress, Baby Fears


Even your sweetest, most low-maintenance friend has the potential to morph into a bridezilla when it comes time to plan her wedding, and though Kailyn -- who was in her third trimester of pregnancy while organizing the big celebration -- really wasn't asking much at all of her bridal party on last night's "Teen Mom 2," she eventually broke down when some miscommunication over a pair of earrings put her at odds with Javi's family.

In the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clips below, Kail and Javi recall the tension that filled the final weeks leading up to their second set of nuptials, offering some back story on the contentious relationship between Kail's Maid of Honor, Peach, and Javi's sisters, as well as some insight about the state of their relationship at the time.

"I didn't feel like you and I were connected, because I didn't feel appreciated," Kail tells Javi. The couple speaks openly about the fears they had bottled up inside -- Kail worried that Javi would leave her after their baby was born and Javi was concerned that Kail would love Isaac more than her second child -- and while those doubts have since faded away, they admit they still struggle to get on the same page in other areas of their marriage.

Check out this week's featured moments to hear Kail and Javi's candid, loving and very real conversation about life as newlyweds.

Kailyn talks about how wedding planning brought out the control freak inside her:

Kail and Javi discuss their behind-the-scenes wedding drama:

Kail opens up about feeling disconnected from Javi and the fears her second pregnancy brought about.

Photo: Michelle Crowe