Before Tonight's Wedding-Themed 'Ain't That America,' Relive 5 Infamous 'I Do' Disasters


Brides-to-be often put every last penny they have into planning the perfect wedding, but even the most outrageous budgets can't guarantee their big day will go smoothly. For instance, all the money in the world can't sober up an intoxicated Maid of Honor...

On tonight's "Ain't That America," Lil Duval will delve into everyday folks' most epic wedding disasters, but in the meantime, we've rounded up some of the biggest "I do" fails to ever hit MTV and MTV2. Take a look at who managed to get hitched...but not without a hitch.

"Boy Meets World"


Cory and Topanga were the epitome of the perfect TV couple, but even they had trouble taking their relationship to the next level...twice! In the episode titled "His Answer," the recent high school grads went to the countryside to elope. However, at the altar, Topanga got cold feet because her family wasn't there.

Years later, Cory and Topanga were finally ready to tie the knot, but this time, Cory's best friend Shawn shook things up when he started a fight with the groom MID-CEREMONY.

"The Hills"

On Season 5, Heidi's sister Holly caused major drama when she had to much to drink at the rehearsal dinner and created a spectacle. To top it off, Spencer's sister Stephanie then tried to swoop in on Holly's Maid of Honor position, but ultimately, Heidi forgave her big sis and let her keep her title.

"Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas"

Cory and Topanga weren't the only '90s TV couple to run into their fair share of bad luck on the big day. Bayside's cutest couple, Zack and Kelly, chose Sin City as their wedding destination, which should have probably been the first sign that trouble would lie ahead. In the movie, Zack got locked up -- and almost died -- trying to pay off some gambling debts, but the groom still somehow managed to show up at the altar in one piece.

"Real World: Las Vegas"

did find their vow exchange HIGHLY entertaining.

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