'Are You The One?' Poll: Should Jacy Ditch JJ To Test The Waters With Scali?


With a shared goofiness that cannot be denied, Jacy and JJ have gone about their days in the "Are You the One?" house under the assumption that they're a perfect match. Sure, the Truth Booth hasn't confirmed it, and Jacy even admitted to Simone that JJ can get on her nerves, but at each of the recent Match-Ups, the two class clowns have assured host Ryan Devlin that they belong together. Tonight, however, a third party threatened to tear apart the couple's love affair, and it looks like Jacy could soon take the bait.

Scali, who proudly led Paige on without investing any sincere romantic interest, was forced to consider his next plan of attack once Paige made her way to the Honeymoon Suites with confirmed match Chris T. Instead of continuing his player-ways, though, Scali decided to finally seek out something more substantial, and realized that Jacy is the only person in the game to whom he's had a genuine attraction that extends beyond looks. "Jacy is a girl that I respect," he said. "I'm not gonna treat her like I treated Paige."

Jacy admitted she typically went for guys like the Brooklynite, but was remiss to make the same mistake again. Still, she couldn't help but be intrigued by Scali's proposition to see what could happen between them. What do you think -- is Jacy right to stick with her gut and keep things going with JJ, or should she give Scali a shot?

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