Snooki Starts A New Mommy Blog To Help 'Encourage One Another'

JS Snooki Mommy Blog

Lorenzo color-coordinated his snack to match mommy's outfit!

Snooki is never shy about sharing stories, videos and pics of her son, Lorenzo, so it makes total sense that the former "Jersey Shore" starlet would start her own mommy blog, and in her debut post, the guidette gushes, "Lorenzo has clearly changed my life and how I view everything, but most importantly he has made me a better person. I just wanted to get the mooshy stuff out of the way first and just tell you what a blessing it is to be able to create a human being, and to have that human being become your little baby, FOREVER." Can you believe this is the same girl who used to do cartwheels -- commando-style -- down the Seaside Heights boardwalk?

Nicole says the weekly web column will provide an inside look at what it's like to be the proud parent of an adorable 1-year-old, but it won't just be a place for her to brag about her little man -- she wants to help connect other moms, too. "I'm hoping that this blog will be a great way to interact with other mommies out there!" she writes. "Us moms need to stick together, encourage one another, help one another, and just be a team."

As Snooki signs off, "#MOMSUNITE #WERULETHEWORLD." No argument here.

Photo: Snooki's Celebuzz website