How Leah And Corey Of 'Teen Mom 2' Have Defied Dismal Co-Parenting Stats


By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Ali and Aleeah of "Teen Mom 2" are some lucky kids. Aside from being insanely adorable, they have a big family that's always there for them. Leah and Corey, along with their respective spouses, Jeremy and Miranda, have fully embraced co-parenting, from sharing custody to making important decisions as a unified group. For example, on tonight's episode, the four of them got together to discuss the twins starting separate schooling, and how to make the transition a smooth one. This is not the usual topic of conversation for most twenty-somethings, but each of them handled it wisely and maturely.

Most teen parents don’t get married or even live together, and of those who do, the majority break up while their kids are very young. While Leah and Corey are no longer a couple, they certainly defied other dismal stats. For instance, half of fathers who don’t live with their children haven’t visited in the past month, and nearly a quarter of teen parents who don’t live together say they avoid each other entirely. This was never the case for Leah and Corey, and their ability to remain civil and even compassionate toward one another continues to strengthen as their girls grow older.

Co-parenting at any age is not easy, but Leah, Jeremy, Corey and Miranda are doing an admirable job of making it work, always putting their kids first, no matter what. It's been a tough road, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter every day.

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