'Charlamagne & Friends' Sneak Peek: French Montana Will Gladly Trade You Some Grey Goose For Your Girl


Like many rappers, French Montana enjoys the finer things in life, such as top-shelf liquor, but sometimes flaunting his riches can attract the wrong crowd. When Charlamagne Tha God hops inside the hip-hop artist's noggin' for MTV Other's latest installment of "In Your Head," the "Charlamagne & Friends" host learns how French handled a situation in which one fan took advantage of his generosity.

In the video below, an animated version of the Moroccan rapper recalls a memorable backstage moment that involved pouring a bottle of Grey Goose down an eager groupie's throat. As it turned out, the woman had a boyfriend lingering nearby, and as soon as he saw her guzzling the pricey vodka, he pushed her out of the way...so he could quench his own thirst! French indulged the dude, giving him his fill of spirits, but made sure to collect on the debt later on in the evening.

"So, did y'all take his girl back with y'all?" Char asks toward the end of the story, to which French responds without hesitation, "Of course."

Hear the wacky tale all for yourself, and watch the "Charlamagne & Friends" finale tomorrow night on MTV2 at 11:30/10:30c, with special guests Rick Ross and Danielle Brooks!