'Teen Wolf' Snackables: The Nogitsune Is A Master Decapitator

If you’ve mastered the art of shielding your eyes through gruesome movie or TV scenes, you are hereby out of luck. The Internet’s GIF phenomenon means there’s no more squinting until it’s over — because it never is! — and every now and then, we’ll put the most dry heave-inducing “Teen Wolf” moments on loop, just in time for lunch. So grab hold of that bib and enjoy our latest “Teen Wolf” Snackable!


Could your leftover stew do with a little extra spice? Turkey sandwich just a tad dry? How about adding a nice, severed head to your midday meal? On last night's "Teen Wolf" episode, we learned the Nogitsune's first host was a beneficent American soldier named Rhys, whose burned body was eventually overtaken by the dark spirit that Kira's mother, Noshiko, summoned for revenge. The trickster immediately started raising hell, and no one was safe from its attacks.

Among the Nogitsune's first kills were two soldiers that were tasked with transporting the bodies of Japanese-Americans who had died during a rebellion at the Oak Creek internment camp. As the soldiers completed the morbid chore, Rhys' body rose up, approached them and -- barely hindered by a flurry of bullets -- proceeded to shoot one dead and rip the head off the other. Check out the decapitation, and enjoy your lunch!