'Teen Wolf' Poll: Can Kira Trust Her Mother's Advice On How To Stop The Nogitsune?


Finding out your mother streaked through Woodstock in '69 is one thing, but discovering she's 900 years old and responsible for bringing a mythical killer to life is entirely another. On tonight's "Teen Wolf," Kira's mom finally came clean about the origin of the infamous Nogitsune, revealing that she, herself, had accidentally created it to exact revenge on harsh American soldiers at a World War II-era internment camp. She also shared the answer to how the evil spirit can be eliminated, but now that Noshiko has proven to be so mysterious, can Kira really trust her advice?

While Scott and Kira frantically searched for clues about how to stop the Nogitsune without harming Stiles, Noshiko explained that she first summoned the creature when some of her family, friends and her love, Rhys -- who was an American soldier -- were killed during a riot at the Oak Creek camp. She pleaded for the Nogitsune to possess her, but it chose Rhys' burned body as a host instead, and soon, the Nogitsune murdered all the innocent people the soldiers had left behind. As a Kitsune, Noshiko was determined to stop the Nogitsune, so she grabbed her Katana, cut it down and buried the fly it became within the roots of the Nemeton, where it remained trapped until Scott, Stiles and Allison awakened it during the Darach's terror-storm.

Noshiko said that the same Katana, which Kira repaired with her lightning power, could be driven through Stiles in order to kill the Nogitsune, but can Kira believe her mother that it's the only option, or should she side with Scott, who's still looking for a way to save Stiles? Take our poll!

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