Chelsea Houska Cures Our Case Of The Mondays With This Video Of Little Aubree Mid-Giggle Fit


Mom and daughter selfie!

Much like the flu or that Pharrell Williams song, "Happy," nothing's more infectious than the sound of "Teen Mom 2" tot Aubree in the throws of a giggle fit. Chelsea Houska took to her Twitter to unearth the following Vine video of her daughter laughing it up, posting the caption, "Found this gem in my saved vines," and we have to thank the young mother for helping to start our week off on a sweet note.

We're not sure what made the 4-year-old bust up so much -- maybe it was her French Bulldog, Betsy, doing something hysterical off camera? Regardless, it totally made us think of this viral vid where the baby can't stop laughing at the family dog eating popcorn:

We wonder what other kind of hidden gems are hiding in Chelsea's drafts folder. Hopefully she'll share more with the Aubree-obsessed masses soon!

Photo: Chelsea Houska's Instagram