If Stiles Survives (Gasp!), Which Girl Should Get His Heart: Lydia or Malia?


Stiles is quite the wanted man these days. Not only is the Nogitsune determined to use his body to execute its evil deeds, but the Oni, Mrs. Yukimura and the former sidekick's entire friend base is hot on his heels. Then there's werecoyote-turned-sexy-human Malia, who suddenly couldn't keep her paws off of him during last week's "Teen Wolf." The kid's come a long way since Season 1 (minus the whole being-possessed-by-a-dark-spirit thing).

Refresher: When Stiles first spotted Malia at Eichen House, she punched him for robbing her of a perma-fur coat and cozy cave in the woods. When the duo later crossed paths in the mens' shower room, they made a pact to give each other a hand — Stiles would help turn Malia back into a wild dog if she could get him access to the mysterious basement of his dreams. It's important to note that Malia was completely naked during this conversation, and once in the basement, the Queen of Mixed Messages kissed Stiles and not-so-subtly asked him to take her virginity. Not a bad offer for a guy who's been bunking at a mental hospital. BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS LONGTIME CRUSH, LYDIA?! Did the Stydia smooch mean NOTHING?


The panic attack-alleviating kiss felt 'round the world.

You can't deny the chemistry between Stalia, but Stydia carry as much history as the prized Shugendo scroll. Assuming Stiles can be saved from the Nogitsune, who deserves his heart the most? Cast your vote and tune in to an all-new "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10/9c!

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