Which 'Teen Wolf' Hero Will Fall? Fans Share Their Best Guesses


"Teen Wolf" will be back for a fourth season, but we can say with certainty that one of its familiar faces will not. By the time Beacon Hills sees its third chapter out, one of the heroes you've come to know and love will have died -- a harsh truth the show's mid-season trailer makes abundantly clear. But who will it be? As long as the Nogitsune's on the loose, everyone (even Stiles) is on the chopping block, and it's impossible to tell how this one is going to play out.

So, is it the former sidekick that's soon to meet his maker, or will Scott, Kira or Allison fall for trying to safely expel the Nogitsune from their friend's head? Could it be the pugnacious Derek or the fight-ready twins, or will Lydia's next Banshee premonition spell out her own dark fate? Or...is it Isaac -- who's still nearly flat-lining on a gurney -- that'll soon depart?

Since our theories are nothing more than stabs in the dark, we decided to turn the question over to you on Twitter, and your guesses really ran the gamut. Take a look at what some fans speculated, keep the #WHOWILLFALL conversation going in the comments and watch "Teen Wolf" Monday nights at 10/9c to see who eventually bites the dust!

The serious:


The not-so-serious (but really funny):