Presenting...Our 'Are You The One?' Class Of 2014 Yearbook Superlatives!


In many ways, "Are You The One?" is like high school -- cliques abound and gossip runs rampant through the hallways, but everyone still manages to come together for late-night pizza. And since we've gotten to know the show's coed cast so well over the last six episodes, we decided to do what any group of upperclassmen would -- hand out superlatives!

Before the Truth Booth sends more couples to the Honeymoon Suites (we hope...), take a look at the house's biggest characters, tell us if you agree with our picks and see what happens when the next "Are You The One?" episode airs tomorrow night at 11/10c!


Most Dramatic: Shanley

Before the cast saw its first sunrise in Hawaii, Shanley had picked a fight with Kayla and Paige over beds, and also got into it with Jacy, who swooped in to the girls' defense. Since then, Shanley has seemed perpetually battle-ready, and her tiff with Simone on last Tuesday's episode has only just begun...


Most Athletic: Jessica

She's after love, but isn't afraid to show that she's a real fighter, too. Jessica has won half of the game's Getaway Challenges, and has literally done laps (in a canoe!) around the biggest and buffest boys. You can guarantee she brought at least one suitcase full of cross-trainers.

Most Optimistic: Ethan

Before coming on the show, Ethan was a party guy who got one hell of a wake-up call when he drunkenly jumped from a balcony, broke both of his legs and was told he might never walk again. It was clear in a story he shared with the girls that he's since calmed down his raging, and is much more focused on finding happiness.


Most Likely To Lend A Shoulder: Coleysia

The first inductee to the Honeymoon Suites, the preacher's daughter is wise beyond her years, and even Simone admitted she couldn't believe how comforting Coleysia -- a relative stranger to her -- was after JJ's rejection. Too bad the house is now without her mediation skills...


Sassiest: Simone

Whether she's shutting down Shanley, whom she thought was too tied to Chris T., or having it out with Jacy, Simone has a knack for pulling Oscar-worthy one-liners out of her hat anytime there's a confrontation at hand. If you're a casual observer, it's pretty great. On the receiving end? Not so much.


Class Clown: JJ

Nobody sports a sun hat and form-fitting tube top quite like John Jacobs. Since the funnyman entered the house, he's tried to lighten the mood with humor, but still consistently finds himself in the middle of drama. Let's hope his Ninja headband and gangsta ensembles are able to keep the cast smiling as things intensify.


Biggest Flirt: Kayla

Between Wes and Ryan, Kayla seems to have a special talent for juggling her suitors, and has left both of them wanting more. In her words, a real Southern girl never kisses and tells, but she seems more than ready to lock lips with both. Get it, K!


Most Likely To Buy His Girlfriend Jumper Cables For Her Birthday: Ryan

And he's SO not ashamed of it!

Photos: Mario Perez, @ryanmalaty

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