Snooki's Little Man Channels His Inner-Stewie Griffin In Instagram Vid


Little Lorenzo is a mama's boy.

There was a time when Lorenzo LaValle was partial to his dad, but now, it seems the little guy can't spend a single moment without his mother. In the middle of the one-year-old's playtime yesterday, he suddenly -- and desperately -- needed Snooki's attention, and though one, two, and three calls for "mama!" didn't elicit a response, he continued to yell out for her, reminding the fiery redhead of a popular cartoon character who did the same.

Yup, when Lorenzo's siren song wouldn't stop, Nicole's mind immediately went to Stewie Griffin of "Family Guy," who famously demanded his mother's attention in similar fashion. "Family guy wasn't lying. #stewie #MOMOMOMOMIMOM," Snooki tweeted with the Instagram video below. Hmm, did someone's auntie introduce him to her favorite TV show?

There's definitely a match between the mom-calls, but we're certainly glad persistence is the only quality the young ones share -- Lorenzo wouldn't nearly be as cute if he was after global domination!

Watch the videos below, and tell us if you think Lorenzo's a dead ringer for Stewie!

Photo courtesy of Snooki's Instagram