Charlamagne Hits The NYC Streets To Talk Oscar Buzz [Bonus Scene]


With the 86th Annual Academy Awards airing this Sunday, it's all any movie buff can talk about, and now that Charlamagne Tha God hosts his own entertainment roundtable, the "Charlamagne & Friends" frontman took it upon himself this week to find out the public's favorites. In this bonus scene from Wednesday's episode, Char hits the streets of the Big Apple to chat about the evening's top contenders.

In the video, Charlamagne first approaches a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ellen Degeneres, this year's Oscars host, and asks for her thoughts on the Best Picture nominees. After naming "American Hustle" as her pick for the winner, she adds that "Jennifer Lawrence is hot!" -- a sentiment Tha God certainly does not disagree with. "I want to do her so bad," he says pretty matter-of-factly.

Later on, the funnyman decides to give everyday people their moment in the sun. "You get to accept an award," he tells one woman as he hands her the mic, but perhaps C should have specified which award, because her speech sermon may leave you wondering, "Jacqueline Bisset, is that you?"

Check out the clip, and watch more "Charlamagne & Friends" Wednesdays at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

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