That's What You Said...About Whether Shanley's 'Are You The One?' Meltdown Was Warranted


Almost immediately after moving into the "Are You the One?" house, Shanley and Chris forged a bond that seemed nearly unbreakable, and even though the Truth Booth shot them down as a perfect match, they continued to push their relationship forward. That is, until Tuesday night's episode, in which Simone concocted a plan to send Chris and Paige into the Truth Booth with the hope that they were a perfect match, which would consequently force Chris and Shanley to separate -- once and for all -- and focus on the game. Welp, Simone's tactic worked, and though identifying another correct couple was a positive step forward in the competition, Shanley was personally devastated by the result.

Shanley argued that, yes, she wanted to win the money, but there were other couples that should have seen the Truth Booth first, and that Chris and Paige's selection was a deliberate, vindictive attack against her. Did fans agree? Below, see what some of you said about Shanley's meltdown on the Shows Blog and Facebook, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

"I think that logically it makes no sense for Shanley to be upset, but no one decides whether they're going to be upset based on logic. She might know in her head that sending Chris T. and Paige to the Truth Booth was a strategic play that could ultimately help them win the game, but that doesn't change the way she feels." -- Lauren

"I think that Simone did the right thing. It is a game after all. Despite what Chris and Shanley said about finding their perfect match for the game, they were making no conscious effort to do so." -- Kirst

"While I agree that Shanley and Chris were being stupid by continuing their relationship, I do think Shanley has a right to be upset. She has feelings for Chris, and now he is going to be with someone else and there isn't anything that they can do about that." -- TexasGirl12

"Like JJ said, what did y'all expect? You weren't a match, so you knew this day was coming sooner or later. Shanley is just getting at Simone because she's sad. Don't displace your feelings on someone else." -- Whitney

"After Shanley and Chris got back from the Truth Booth, Shanley said she wouldn't just hang around with Chris and jeopardize the game for everyone else. And now it seems like she is going back on that completely. So that's the unfair part." -- Samantha H.

"Yes, I think she had the right to be upset. Yes, it's a game and she shouldn't interfere with it, but women think with their hearts." -- Laury R.

"I think who has the right to be upset is PAIGE. She's stuck with someone who fell in love with someone else on Day One. I can't imagine how she feels." -- Jennifer M.