The Nogitsune Makes 'Teen Wolf' A Modern-Day Version Of The Classic 'Driller Killer' [Video]


Thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. Deaton, who administered a shot that temporarily freed Stiles from the Nogitsune's vice grip, Scott's trusty sidekick was able to think freely for the first time in weeks on Monday night's "Teen Wolf" episode, yet he still took the precaution to enter a psychiatric hospital in case the dark spirit returned. The enemy refused to be silenced, though, and when it couldn't penetrate Stiles' mind, it clawed its way into the brain of his roommate, Oliver, who soon became a bloodthirsty villain that would give Leatherface the creeps. But did his choice weapon remind you of anything?

As soon as Oliver picked up a power drill, held down the trigger and aimed at Stiles' temple, we got a flashback to the cult classic horror flick, "The Driller Killer." In 1979, the movie chilled audiences with its portrayal of Reno, a down-on-his-luck artist whose agitation with the daily grind finally drove him crazy, at which point he started killing innocents with a drill and a trusty Porto-Pak battery. Thankfully, Stiles let the Nogitsune back into his mind before it did him or Malia -- who was also in peril -- any harm, but at least we got a bit of a thrill ride along the way.

Watch the "Driller Killer" trailer and the "Teen Wolf" scene: