'Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment': Chelsea Discusses The Burden Of Being The Only Parent That Disciplines


We've never known a time in which Chelsea Houska hasn't had issues with her daughter's father, Adam. When they weren't breaking up, they were making up...and then repeating the cycle all over again. As recently as the "Teen Mom 2" Season 4 reunion special, Chelsea admitted to still hooking up with her ex, but it seems she's finally moved on now that Adam and his girlfriend, Taylor, are expecting a child. During the past few episodes, we've seen Aubree's parents acting refreshingly civil toward one another, but their relationship remains complicated.

"I felt so s**tty when I found out [Taylor] was in labor," Chelsea confided to her friend, Chelsey Grace, on last night's episode as the two prepared decorations for Aubree's 4th birthday party. "It's annoying because I wanted a family and now he's off having kids with other people. And it's hard to co-parent with him because we're either flirty or we hate each other or we're banging. It's never just normal."


In the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" below, Chelsea goes into greater detail about how hard it is to be around Adam sometimes, especially when he forces her to be the disciplinarian. "I feel like he tries to make me the bad guy when he's around," she tells Chelsey Grace. "I can't just let [Aubree] have fun all the time and do whatever she wants, like he can."

On the day of Aubree's birthday, Adam stopped by to give his little girl a hug and a gift, and although the fact that Aubree already owned the toy he'd purchased for her, Adam and Chelsea were able to laugh off the awkwardness and agree they had made the cutest little girl ever. No arguments here!

Sadly, Aubree's visit ended with her clinging onto her daddy, saying she wanted to go with him, with Chelsea having to step in as the bad guy once again. "Obviously Aubree was happy that he came on her birthday, but then it pisses me off because he says, 'Come home with me,' when he knew she couldn't," she tells Chelsey Grace, who agrees that Adam created a difficult situation. "He definitely tried to do that," she says.

+ Check out Chelsea discussing Adam's birthday visit in the featured moment below, and share your thoughts on her family dynamic.