'Are You The One?' Poll: Does Shanley Have Reason To Be Upset With The Truth Booth Vote?


After correctly identifying five couples during last week's "Are You The One?" Match-Up Ceremony, the show's daters were flying high at the start of tonight's episode, and their good fortune continued when Paige and Chris -- this week's Truth Booth nominees -- turned out to be a perfect match. One person who wasn't thrilled with the successful pairing, though, was Shanley, who flipped out when the results came in. After all, Chris -- to whom she gave her heart -- is now off to the Honeymoon Suite with another girl.

In recent weeks, the cast has grown tired of Chris and Shanley's aversion to getting to know other potential partners. The Truth Booth denied them as a perfect match, but they've continued to hook up, anyway, and to end what she believed to be an impediment to the group's success, Simone rallied her fellow contestants to vote to send Chris and Paige into the Truth Booth in an effort to separate Chris and Shanley. Ultimately, Simone's plan worked, and though it was conceivably a good thing for the players-at-large, Shanley felt attacked, and vowed to make the rest of Simone's stay in Hawaii a living hell. We can't wait to see what kind of sassy comebacks Simone cooks up next week...

+ The name of the game is to identify matches, so does Shanley have reason to be upset? Take our poll, and explain your decision in the comments!

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