'Are You The One?' Poll: Who's Right For Kayla -- Ryan or Wes?


With only one down (YAY DILLAN AND COLEYSIA!) -- okay, two if you count this MTV.com reveal -- we're gettin' pretty antsy over who's meant to be matched up with who, and one gal who's got our britches in a baffled bunch is Kayla. One minute she likes Ryan and the next she's all over Wes! Sounds like her pants might be a bit puzzled, too, eh? Let us review...

Wes surprisingly chose Kayla during the first Match-Up Ceremony, and the two continued to get to know each other until Ryan lost not one, but two of his journals. After Kayla assisted Ryan in searching for his top-secret books, the two retreated to a nearby treehouse to discuss their sensitive sides and play tonsil hockey. When Wes caught Kayla wrapped up in Ryan's arms, he was visibly disappointed, but it didn't stop the reformed ladies' man from later giving her a back rub.

Kayla then met Ryan's ex (who looks a little like Kayla!) during the next getaway challenge, where it was revealed that Ryan buys his lovers thoughtful gifts like jumper cables. Kayla must dig auto accessories, because the pair continued to grow exceedingly (and adorably) close during the getaway date, which prompted group-date-goer Wes to shout "STOP FALLING IN LOVE!"

The Wes-Kayla-Ryan love triangle came to a head last week, when Kayla pretended to be sunbathing while Wes pumped iron and Ryan navigated the child's pose (see video below to refresh your memory). Who cares that Wes thought Kayla's eyes were blue?! Bro is ripped, and the two later broke it down on the homemade dance floor just before Kayla selected Wes during the last Match-Up Ceremony.

+ Ryan and Wes are like night and day, but which one is right for Kayla? Cast your vote now, and tune in to an all-new episode tonight at 11/10c!

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