'Teen Mom 2' Couple Leah And Jeremy Discuss The Physical And Emotional Distance Between Them


Without a shadow of a doubt, Jeremy Calvert is a loving, loyal family man, but the long periods of time he's spent on the job away from his wife, the twins and his newborn daughter have begun to take a toll on his marriage, and after finally returning home on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," his and Leah's communication suffered even more.

Forced to take a leave of absence because he fainted at work, Jeremy seemed agitated, especially when Leah took him to the doctor to have his chronic headaches checked out. The doctor surmised that the headaches were due to stress, which wasn't a complete shock to Leah, who suspected his "distant" behavior was related to the pressure he'd been putting on himself to be a strong provider. "This is not easy," she told her friends during a girls' night out. "I don't know what keeps me going. There's been times I've been ready to throw my hands up and just hit the floor, and say 'I give up.'"


But the person Leah really needed to discuss these issues with was Jeremy, and in the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clips below, the two have an intense heart-to-heart about what was plaguing their relationship at the time.

"I kind of thought that I was being punished by you for all the stress," Leah tells her husband in the first video, after he admits it's difficult for him to talk about his anxiety with her. Leah can sympathize, but she doesn't allow Jeremy's guardedness to stop her from sharing her own feelings. "It's hard when you don't talk about it, because I feel like you keep it inside you, and then you let everything boil up," she says.


As Leah and Jeremy's intimate conversation unfolds, it's as if we've been given a secret window into a couple's private therapy session. While Jeremy is characteristically less expressive than his other half, Leah's composure and compassion never waver. "You're the part of our family that keeps us going," she carefully explains to Jeremy. "All of us girls look up to you, and it was scary because you were falling apart and we needed you at your best."

Leah's words probably resonate with many people who've endured a long-distance relationship -- or a marriage. All couples experience rough patches, and as the season continues, things will get worse before they get better, as one of Leah's girlfriends predicted. However, the open communication they display in these clips proves they're both dedicated to growing together and strengthening their bond, one difficult conversation at a time.

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Leah and Jeremy discuss the stress they were under, and how it affected their communication:

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