Leah Calvert's Twins Make An Adorable Sleep-Sandwich With Their Pup [Photo]


Girls, you're hogging the blanket!

For anyone planning to hit Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour, keep your eyes peeled for Leah Calvert, because the "Teen Mom 2" cast member is counting the days until the twerking circus comes to town. And judging from her latest tweets, daughters Ali and Aleeah -- who recently nailed a cover of "Wrecking Ball" -- must be super-jealous they can't tag along to watch the former Disney princess perform.

"I tell Aleeah I'm going to see @MileyCyrus in concert, and she screams 'REALLY!? OMG, I love Miley she sings wrecking ball and we can't stop,'" Leah wrote. "Thennnnn, she says I can't wait to party with @MileyCyrus! She is 4, where does she get this!! LOL ????????????"

So cute. But what's even cuter? How about a pic of the twins passed out with a puppy who pushed his way into the middle of their snuggle sesh?

On Sunday, Leah posted the photo above of the girls taking a snooze with the family pooch, Roxy. Could the toddler-bulldog sandwich be any sweeter?

"Somehow Roxy got into the house, and this is where I find him!!!" Leah captioned the shot. "OMG. PERFECT DOG!! He is so PROTECTIVE!"

Just like mama.

Photo: Leah Calvert's Twitter