Relive The Horror Of The 'Teen Wolf' Mid-Season Trailer In 10 Telling GIFs


Kira's mother ascends an ominous set of stairs.

Stiles used prescription amphetamines to avoid sleep on last night's "Teen Wolf" episode, but if you're trying to steer clear of shut-eye, a more simple method is now available: watching the show's mid-season trailer on replay. If one thing's for sure, it's that the Nogitsune isn't going anywhere soon, and in the video of what's to come below, which we've split into 10 horrifying GIFs, the dark spirit puts things in pretty simple perspective -- mass chaos is imminent.

Swords, bows and firearms are all bared in the trailer, which first finds a possessed Stiles chasing his once-beloved Lydia down a dimly lit hallway. And when Kira's mother reflects back on her time in a World War II internment camp, things go from creepy to downright disturbing. Throw in a potential arson attempt, a twisted balloon-drop and some high-flying martial arts, and you have got the recipe for a month's worth of nightmares. It's time to pull the childhood blankie out of your closets, friends.

Check out the most chilling moments from the mid-season trailer, and mark its words: A. Hero. Will. Fall.


Missing the "Teen Wolf" gore lately? Don't worry, it's coming back.


Will we see the Nogitsune -- and its host, Stiles -- be taken out?


Sidekick no longer! Stiles/the Nogitsune send their enemies airborne.


Is Derek the fallen hero?


Balloons are festive, but Lydia hardly looks ready to party.


The Oni were meant only to destroy the Nogitsune, but it looks like they'll soon be taking no prisoners.


True Alpha Scott usually aims for peace, but is now ready to go to battle.


Isaac and Allison: a lovers' quarrel?


Meek is hardly the way we'd describe Stiles these days.