Is Amber Portwood Staying On The Straight And Narrow?


The last time MTV filmed Amber Portwood, it was 2012 and she was wearing a prison uniform. In "Amber Behind Bars," the former "Teen Mom" cast member sat down with Dr. Drew to talk about her addiction to opiates and what led to her jail sentencing. She appeared hopeless and alone, desperately missing her daughter Leah and still having difficulties communicating with her ex, Gary. Without the necessary support, would she be able to stay sober and learn from her mistakes?

Well, after watching last night's "Being Amber," the answer seems to be a yes! MTV captured the young mom on film the day she was released from jail, and it was as if viewers were looking at a totally different person. Amber couldn’t stop smiling through her first post-prison meal -- a cheeseburger and chocolate shake -- and her reunion with Leah was absolutely touching.


Amber credited much of her newfound serenity to a chant she learned in rehab: "Be calm, be true, be quiet. Accept criticism, as well as accept praise. Be true to your highest ideal." And what she learned in anger management classes also helped to keep her temper in check, which came in handy when she and Gary clashed over how to celebrate Leah’s 5th birthday.

By the end of the special, things truly looked to be on the upswing for Amber. While in prison, she got her G.E.D., and now that she’s out, she’ll continue to work on her sobriety and hopefully help others avoid getting into her same situation. She and Gary seem to be officially off again, and that’s probably best for them both.

"Gary and I may be through, but my new life has just begun," said Amber, optimistically. "Every day brings new challenges and I have so much I plan to do with my life. I will no longer be defined by my past. All I know is, if I can keep taking the next right steps, anything’s possible."

+ Do you think Amber will stay out of trouble? Watch the special, and let us know your thoughts.

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