Stiles The 'Teen Wolf'?! Should Scott & Co. Search For Another Way To Save Their Friend?


Man, if you thought your Monday was bad...

On last night's "Teen Wolf" episode, Stiles' luck went from bad to worse. Though an injection administered by Dr. Deaton had temporarily expelled the Nogitsune from his being, Stiles played it safe by checking into a psychiatric institute to avoid harming more people. Unfortunately, the Nogitsune ultimately reared its ugly head again, and Scott learned the only way to save Stiles may be to give him "the bite." Still, there's a chance Malia -- the werecoyote-turned-human -- could possess the key to an alternate exorcism technique.

After Dr. Deaton explained to the gang that a Shugendo scroll left behind by the Yakuza group may contain valuable info about Nogitsune expulsion, Scott and his pals went on a mad dash for the artifact. Upon locating it, they learned what action was needed: "changing the body of the host." All the while, Malia helped Stiles scour the psych facility's basement -- the site of Stiles' fever dreams -- for clues to an alternate method of healing. Behind a "5" that had been inscribed on the wall by the Oni was an empty suit in which Malia found a photo that seemed to hold more answers, and she vowed to help Stiles by bringing it to Scott. In reciprocation, Stiles promised to help her return to her werecoyote state, which she desperately missed.

By the time Malia escaped the facility, Deaton's remedy had worn off on Stiles, and the Nogitsune was back. So now that things are more urgent than ever, should Scott move to bite Stiles immediately, or wait a beat and hope there's another way? Take the poll!

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