'Ain't That America' Is Headed To The Great Outdoors! Let's Look Back At 5 Epic MTV Camping Trips


From forest fires to bear invasions, there's all sorts of wrong that can happen when camping in the woods, and these days, it's a cinch to capture every single frightening moment on your smartphone and upload it to social media within seconds. So, before Lil Duval and his clan of "Ain't That America" comedians take a look at some of the worst camping moments caught on camera by everyday folks, we're putting the spotlight on some familiar faces who thought they were brave enough to take on the great outdoors.

Nick Lachey and Nicole Polizzi are among the select group of stars to have traded in the comfort of an L.A. mansion or Shore house for a tiny tent in the middle of nowhere. Below, we've rounded up the most memorable camping trips to ever air on MTV -- check 'em out, and make sure to tune in to "Ain't That America" Wednesday night on MTV2 at 11/10c!

"Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica"

Former pop-star power couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson shared with the world how they became one with Mother Nature on the first season "Newlyweds." Nick, of course, seemed much more at ease in the wilderness than his wife, who in this clip shares why she couldn't  part ways with her Louis Vuitton purse "pet" for even just a few short days.

"Jersey Shore"

Unlike Jessica, JWOWW represented women who are much more in tune with their outdoorsy side on Season 5 of "Jersey Shore." While Ronnie struggled to set up his and Sammi's tent, Roger's better half proved she knew exactly how to pitch a tent (and not just in the figurative sense). Way to represent for the low-maintenance ladies, Jenni!

"Big Tips Texas"

With all of the hell-raising that had taken place at Redneck Heaven, the girls thought it'd be a good idea to bond over a bonfire. Tents weren't much trouble for these Texans, but bugs, however, were the bartenders' worst nightmare.

"Real World: Denver"

These seven strangers were picked to live in a house in Denver and work together for the education program Outward Bound. As part of their training, they had to learn more about their surroundings, which meant spending a long weekend among the birds and the trees. Unfortunately, not everyone -- namely Brooke -- was ready for what living in the woods had in store.

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes"

After a long season of competing in crazy challenges with even crazier exes, CT and Diem, Johnny and Camila, and Ty and Emily made it to the finale. However, because it was "The Challenge," before these teams could vie for the big prize, they all had to camp out in the freezing cold, making our other MTV stars' camping experiences look like a stay at the Four Seasons.