This Black Light-Guided Tour Of The 'Are You The One?' House Might Scar You For Life [Video]


On "Teen Wolf," black lights are fun. On "Are You the One?" the devices are serious business. The MTV show's singles have made it very clear that they're not shy about sex (see: Pound Town Confessions), but does their funny business ever extend beyond the designated love nest? With a black light in hand, host Ryan Devlin takes it upon himself to search the house the videos below, and what he finds along his way may (or may not) shock you.

"In the name of science, MTV has asked me to take on the most dangerous assignment I've ever been charged with," Devlin -- who's wearing a HazMat suit -- says as he slaps on his gloves and gets started. "This is the black light tour." From the family room to the Truth Booth voting couch, there are few places that Ryan doesn't find at least a trace of smushing, but his most disturbing finds come from Pound Town proper. "I think the only recourse for this particular piece of fabric is to incinerate it," he says of the bed's duvet. The shower walls are coated, but the most terrifying discovery? A clown mask he uproots from a mix of other Pound Town left-behinds. We love ya, Ryan, but we're glad it's you and not us...

Go grab some disinfectant, throw on those protective goggles and see what else Ryan unearths!

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