'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Jo Proudly Calls Himself An 'Extravagant Father'


By Leslie Simon

For the past few seasons of "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn and Jo have been going round for round over child custody, with things getting REALLY heated during a recent drop-off at Jo's house. In this sneak peek of Tuesday's new episode, Isaac's parents try to approach the situation more maturely, calmly sitting down to discuss a compromise, but the two end up right back at square one in a matter of seconds.

The meeting starts off innocently enough (poor Isaac's got diarrhea, and he ain't too pleased!), but tension rises after Kail realizes it’s been more than two years since she’s actually stepped foot inside Jo’s house -- and not been left to linger on the doorstep. When the exes sit down and get to business, Kailyn offers nine overnights because she wants her son to go to school three days a week and that can’t happen if he’s shuttled off to his dad’s. But Jo doesn't budge. "I think you’re making a big deal out of one overnight," he says. "What a normal father gets is every weekend," Kailyn explains, losing patience.

Jo’s response? "I’m not a normal father. I’m an extravagant father."

The two then start to bicker and Jo tells Kailyn she’s being petty, which ends the conversation entirely and causes the young mom to leave the house in tears.

Will these two ever find a middle ground? Check out the clip, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2"? Tuesday at 10/9c.