Little Addy Pastrana Is The Captain Of Her Dad's Cheerleaders [Photos]


Addy Pastrana donned the perfect pink outfit to cheer on her pops.

The "Nitro Circus Live" crew are one of the most tight-knit groups in extreme sports, and power couple Travis and Lyn-Z Pastrana have passed down the tradition of team spirit onto their daughter, Addy. After returning home from their exciting Hawaiian excursion, Travis traded in his surfboard for a Subaru to race in Rally America, but not without his biggest -- and youngest! -- fan cheering him on.

"#AddyPastrana is ready for Dads Rally America race today!" Lyn-Z wrote with the above Instagram shots of her daughter donning an all-pink superfan ensemble. From the "Go Dad!" and "199" embroidery on Baby A's sleeves to the "Beavis and Pastranahead" name tag, there's no question who this five-month-old was rooting for. However, Addy's not one to simply stand on the sidelines -- that firm grip she's got on her toy steering wheel tells us she's practicing for her own big race one day. Watch your back, Danica Patrick...

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Photo: Lyn-Z Pastrana's Instagram