6 GIFs That Prove Jenny Is The 'Real World' Dancing Queen


Jenny's ex-boyfriend, Brian, isn't too fond of his former flame's dance moves, but from where we're sitting, the blonde bombshell is more or less a female Michael Flatley. The "Real World: Ex-Plosion" housemate famous for her bluntness has been boogieing her nights away in San Francisco, but on the most recent episode, she really cut the rug, providing enough variety to choreograph a Broadway play. LOOK AT THOSE RUSSIAN HIGH KICKS!

From the ease of Jenny's bump-and-grind against Brian at the bar to her exaggerated snaps by the bus stop, Jenny's dancing shoes were strapped on tightly in Fog City. Take a look at some of the moves that left her roommates (and random passersby) gawking, and tell us which ones you might steal for a night out on the town!

The San Fran Shuffle:


The Russian Hill High Kicks:


The "Staying Alive" Slide:


Snaps For SoMa:


Cutting Through The Haight: