'Charlamagne And Friends' Bonus Scene: Here's How To Make Tha God Speechless


Charlamagne Tha God is a self-proclaimed sex master, but with constant booty comes great responsibility. Every "Guy Code" advocate knows it's a rule of thumb to not make love without a glove, and in this "Charlamagne and Friends" bonus scene, the cameras catch Char trying to buy a box of condoms...but getting way more than he bargained for.

When Charlamagne attempts to make a purchase in the video below, a pushy shop owner peddles some additional products: shark fin capsules (sales pitch: "They make you h**d as the space shuttle for two hours"), glow-in-the-dark condoms (sales pitch: "This'll light your d**k up like a smartphone") and a "kinky" mask (sales pitch: "You put this on, you're going to see the moment when you die"), to name just a few. See what happens when you hype up your sex life on national TV, C?

Tha God can barely muster more than a "hell no" after examining the items, but just seconds after leaving the store, he returns to reconsider his options and drop some dollars. "Hey, you ain't seen me," he warns the convincing salesman on his way out the door.

Check out the clip to see which toys inevitably caught Charlamagne's eye, and watch "Charlamagne and Friends" every Wednesday night at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2.