'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Poll: Should Lauren Leave San Francisco Now That She's Pregnant?


Not since Tami Roman's abortion on 1992's "Real World: Los Angeles" has a cast member of the series dealt with a pregnancy while filming, but on tonight's "Ex-Plosion" episode, a positive test from the drug store stared Lauren straight in the face. The new housemate had only just begun to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend, Cory, when she started feeling sharp pains in her stomach, and after a tense trip to the pharmacy, she got the hard truth. So, should Lauren figure things out in San Francisco, or go home to Michigan, where she'll have the support of family and friends?

In an uneasy interview with "Real World" producers, Lauren, who denied missing her period, said she started to feel like she was "getting fat," which first led her to believe something was amiss. And when her suspicions were confirmed, fear took over. "I am anxious and nervous and scared," she said. "I never thought this would happen to me." After hesitating, Lauren finally came clean to Cory and insisted it was time for her to leave the house, but it's still up in the air whether she'll follow through.

+ With the enormity of pregnancy considered, tell us: Should Lauren stay or go? Take the poll, and sound off in the comments about this very real situation.

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