Which 'Teen Wolf' Baddie Would You Least Like To Face In A Dark Alley?


"Teen Wolf" is comprised of two groups -- good guys and bad guys. In a just world, the former would outweigh the latter, but this is Beacon Hills, and over the course of three seasons the good guys (Scott & Co.) have faced more than their fair share of terrifying, mythical meanies. Our current "Teen Wolf"-related angst surrounds the nasty Nogitsune, for this evil entity has already screwed with two of our boyfriends: poor, innocent  Stiles and dear, sweet Isaac. But what about all the other baddies who've rocked the small town? Refresh your memory of their reigns of terror, then tell us: Which villain would you least like to face in a dark alley?

The Kanima: The emotionally disturbed, lizard-like shapeshifter reared its scaly head during Season 2, and was responsible for the deaths of several Beacon Hills residents. The Kanima's claws secreted a debilitating venom that could paralyze its victims for hours on end. If you ever need to avoid a Kanima-type creature, you best hide in a swimming pool.

The Darach: The English teacher by day, serial killer by night toyed with Derek's heart, beat Lydia to a bloody pulp and offed a bunch of innocent virgins, doctors and teachers through several disturbing ritualistic sacrifices. She almost killed Scott & Co.'s parents, too. Her mortal enemy was one best described as a DEMON WOLF...

Deucalion: The self-proclaimed demon wolf was The Darach's target and encouraged Alpha wolves to kill members of their own pack in order to become stronger and more powerful. The blind antagonist was indirectly responsible for Erica's death and is partially the reason why Derek sacrificed his own Alpha status.

The Oni: These masked ninjas will harm anyone who gets in the way of their search for the evil Nogitsune. While they are working for the greater good (killing the dark Kitsune that occupies Stiles' body), they'd have no problem slashing the throats of innocents (perhaps including Stiles) who get in their way.

The Nogitsune: As discussed, the Nogitsune is the worst type of Kitsune and draws its power from pain and chaos. The dirty trickster is responsible for electrocuting a handful of good guys, including Isaac. We're still learning about this demonic spirit, so only time will tell what other havoc it'll wreak on Beacon Hills.

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