'Teen Wolf' Fans Pen Desperate #DearIsaac Letters As His Fate Hangs In The Balance


Though the werewolves of Beacon Hills freely demonstrate their unnatural strength, Kira, a newly discovered Kitsune, has put her supernatural powers at bay for the most part. On Monday's "Teen Wolf" episode, though, she let her fox spirit loose, and stopped a cut power line from electrocuting a crowd of civilians that had gathered outside of the town's hospital. Sadly, she was too late to spare Isaac from the shock, and now, his life hangs in the balance.

Scott did his best to sap Isaac of his pain, but even his True Alpha abilities couldn't heal his pack member completely. So, when the paranormal failed, we turned to the show's most rabid viewers and asked them to help Isaac get well in a more traditional fashion: by means of heartfelt #DearIsaac cards. And the response was nuts! From poetry to artwork, we saw more creative messages than a city's worth of mailboxes could hold -- and they are THE BEST.

Read some of our favorite notes that belong right by Isaac's bedside, and keep sharing your well-wishes on Twitter with the #DearIsaac hashtag.

@CiaraMariie offered healing through humor:


@FeelsForSterek shared an impressive bit of art therapy:



@TurnDylan thinks a sandwich could help the situation:


@JayGatsbyS took to poetry to lighten the mood:


@HowlStiel resorted to pleading:


@Hotechlin is clearly a glass-half-full type:


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