'Ain't That America' Host Lil Duval Celebrates Hoodie Hoo Day [Video]

From opening presents to pigging out, the holiday season is our favorite time of year, but just because we’re well into the new year, that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over! We did some digging and discovered that the good ol’ U-S-of-A has at least 365 different holidays on record — yep, one a day, folks — and throughout Season 2 of “Ain’t That America,” host Lil Duval will be celebrating some of the wackiest of ‘em right here. Consider it a gift that keeps on giving!


The polar vortex has got a firm, freezing grip on most of the East Coast, and at this point, folks are just about fed up with Mother Nature. To add insult to injury, our furry friend, the Groundhog, saw his shadow on February 2, signifying six additional weeks of winter this year. Fortunately, there's room for more than one superstition in American tradition.

February 20th is Hoodie Hoo Day, a wacky holiday meant to change the course of the coldest season with a little chant and dance. As the legend goes, if people leave their house at high noon today, wave their hands up high and holler "hoodie hoo," winter will go running scared -- or, at least, your neighbors will. (It's a good thing you already became friendly with them first!)

Lil Duval doesn't always stick to holiday traditions, but this time he's decided to participate as directed. Hey, it's cold, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Hoodie hooooo!

Check out Lil D's demonstration, and watch "Ain't That America" Wednesdays at 11/10c on MTV2.

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