‘Are You The One’ Poll: Which Girl Should Adam Pursue?


If there were any doubts about Adam’s (lack of) interest in Brittany, they were definitely put to rest during last week’s "Are You The One?" when Adam all but spelled it out to her during the getaway date. "I know you have good intentions, but I’m just not interested in you anymore," he told his lil' eager beaver. And there it was: Brit's cue to finally move on. As the famous "Sex and the City" saying goes, he's just not into you. But it would take a little longer for the message to really hit home...

When Brittany turned a blind eye to Adam’s truth bomb during the date, it drove the man to majorly lose his cool with all of the housemates shortly before the Truth Booth match-up. Kid you not, the veins in his neck looked like they were about to explode with every expletive:

Later, when Adam sought solace in Amber’s arms, the veins in our necks were about to pop because, DUH, SHE’S NOT HIS MATCH! Amber is Ethan’s match; we have proof.

Sigh. Frustrated, too? Here’s hoping at least one match will be confirmed on tonight’s episode! Tune in for it at 11/10c, and in the meantime, cast your vote for who Adam should go after -- you know, besides Brittany and Amber.

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