Pound Town Confessions: Ashleigh And Dre Say Intimacy Made Their Hookup Special


The name "Pound Town" sounds like it might encourage indiscriminate hookups, but for Dre and Ashleigh, use of the room on tonight's "Are You The One?" episode led to a romance novel-worthy affair. Though the Truth Booth shot the daters' hopes of being a perfect match down, they vowed to continue getting to know each other, and in the "Pound Town Confessions" video below, it's not difficult to see why. Can someone get us a fan over here?

Ashleigh says in the clip that she initially had her doubts about Dre because he seemed like a "bad boy," but as soon as she let her guard down, their mutual attraction spiked and, ultimately, led to some serious passion. "It had everything you want," she recalls. "It was passionate, it was hot, it was sexual, it was romantic, it was emotional. It was awesome." She and Dre both give their tryst a perfect 10, and Dre attributes the high score to their shared intimacy. "When you have a genuine connection with somebody and you actually like them, rather than just a random hookup, it always makes the experience even better," he asserts.

+ Watch Dre and Ashleigh dish the details on their Pound Town hookup, and tell us if you're surprised they weren't a perfect match!