Big Ups To Lil Duval's Fans, Who Helped Make 'Ain't That America' A Reality [Photos]


A young fan towers over Lil Duval on the "Ain't That America" set.

Over the past few years, Lil Duval's gained a good amount of fame from starring on MTV2 shows such as "Guy Code" and "Ain't That America," but regardless of his star status, he hasn't forgotten the folks -- friends and strangers alike -- who've supported him every step of the way and truly made it all possible.

On tonight's "ATA," the comedian and his joker panelists will celebrate fandemonium in every form, so in anticipation of the episode, we're shouting out the guys and gals who motivate Lil D to be his best. While digging through social media, we found some pics of his loyal admirers, like the one above, in which D poses with a young fan during a break from "ATA" taping. Aww, we bet that made the kid's day! Check out more FAN-tastic photo-ops below:


"The lil one said happy bday!!!" @queen_james shared on Instagram.


Duval poses with a fan who also happens to be a fellow Floridian comedian.


This gal credited Lil Duval for helping her kick off 2014 on a high note.

Photos: @jcaloi, @queen_james@dgeneius and @nameiskimiko