'Teen Mom 2' Featured Moment: Javi Says He Regrets Not Pampering Kailyn During Her Pregnancy


By Leslie Simon

Ever since we’ve known Kailyn Marroquin-Lowry, nothing’s come easy for the young mom. From her tempestuous relationship with her own mother to major baby-daddy drama with ex-bf Jo, the Pennsylvania teen was forced to grow up fast. This season of "Teen Mom 2," however, it looks like things are really starting to come together for Kail -- finally.

Though she’s still adjusting to life with new hubbie Javi -- and her pregnancy with baby #2 -- Kailyn’s looking forward to expanding her brood and moving to a new house in Delaware where lil’ Isaac can play, explore and jump on the backyard trampoline to his heart’s content…or at least until he ralphs.

This is all assuming the judge allows her to leave the state with her son while she continues her court battle with Jo. There's always something, right?

Even though things are turning around, a new family comes with new challenges, as Kailyn and Javi explain in the “Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment” clip below. At the time of filming, the two struggled with being apart five days a week amid the stresses of wedding planning, caring for a toddler and preparing for another child, and at times it took a toll on their relationship. "When I look back on it, I feel bad I wasn’t helping her as much as I could or pampering her as much as I could," Javi admits. "I realize I could’ve done more to help her out." And Kail doesn't disagree. "Everything was so overwhelming...so overwhelming," she recalls.

Check out the clip to hear from the couple on their hectic life while Kailyn was pregnant.

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