'Teen Wolf' Fans, Sound Off: What Connection Does Kira's Mother Have To The Nogitsune?


The Nogitsune -- a dark spirit that feeds on chaos -- has left much of Beacon Hills in a confused panic, but at least one of the town's residents has a firm understanding of the creature's history and capabilities. On last night's "Teen Wolf" episode, Kira's mother, who's already demonstrated some element of control over the Oni, summoned the black warriors as Stiles -- under the Nogitsune's influence -- continued to wreak havoc. We know the sole goal of the Oni is to find and eliminate the Nogitsune, but how is it that they're at the beck and call of Kira's mother? Further, what exactly is her relationship with the Nogitsune?

While everyone was in search of a bomb the Nogitsune had hidden, Kira's parents secretly met in a classroom and planned their next move to stave off the evil entity's destruction and potentially stop it. Kira's father opened a book in which a series of knives were concealed, and his wife snapped two in half without hesitation. "How many more tails are you going to sacrifice?" he asked after pointing out that she'd already broken five. "If I have to, all of them," Kira's mother responded. "These Oni will be stronger."

It seems certain that Kira's mother is on a mission to end the Nogitsune, but how does she know so much about it? Give us your best theories about her and her "tails"!