Please Enjoy The Best 'Teen Wolf' Cast Selfies Ever Taken


Tyler Posey and the Makeup Chair Selfie.

A picture's worth a thousand words, but the perfect selfie is priceless.

Though the stars of "Teen Wolf" are typically busy nailing dramatic scenes (and recreating them in Vine videos), they -- like many of their show's viewers -- can't resist snapping a selfie now and again, and if you take a moment to comb through any of their social media accounts, you'll likely find a ton of up-close-and-personal shots. From Tyler Posey's makeup melt to Holland Roden's "Arrested Development" homage, the results have been nothing short of memorable, so, this Sunday, MTV is celebrating Beacon Hills' smartphone-portrait greatness.

Starting at 8a/7c, the channel will air a "Teen Wolf Mid-Season Selfie Marathon," which will include your favorite episodes -- from "Anchors" to the most recent, "Riddled" -- and during commercial breaks, the cast will be sharing their thoughts on Season 3 via video-selfies (you can get a sneak peek of their commentary below). Can't wait that long? Because we're reallllly nice, we've gone ahead and gathered some of their finest work below.

Check out our "Teen Wolf" selfie museum, be sure to tune in for Sunday's marathon and watch a new episode of the show Monday night at 10/9c!


Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien and the GET OFF ME! Selfie.


Arden Cho, Doug Jones and the I Suppose I'll Forgive You For Trying To Kill Me Selfie.


Holland Roden and the Tobias Funke-Chic Selfie.


The Carver twins and the Double Trouble Selfie.


Crystal Reed and the I Woke Up Like This (In Paris) Selfie.


Daniel Sharman, Ian Bohen and the Happy Hour Selfie.


Linden Ashby and the Space-Age Facial Hair Realness Selfie.


Melissa Ponzio and the Someone Made A Doll In My Likeness Selfie.

Photos: @TylerL_Hoechlin, @TylerGPosey, @HollandRoden, @IanBohen, @MaxCarver, @Arden_Cho, @MelissaPonzio1, @CrystalMReed, @lindenashby