Lil Duval Stars Alongside Shaquille O'Neal In New Reebok Commercial [Video]


Move over, Charlamagne Tha God! Lil Duval's traded in his "Guy Code" sidekick for a larger (a real emphasis on LARGER) than life co-star: the legendary Shaquille O'Neal. MTV2's "Ain't That America" host shows off his acting chops in a recent Reebok ad for Shaq's new sneaker, the Shaq Attack, in which he and the basketball superstar debate who's the best "big man" to ever play in the NBA. Hmm...we have a hunch one of these guys may be a bit biased, don't you?

The commercial (below) is set in a retro barbershop circa 1950s, and even though certain hairdos from the era have gone out of style since then, it seems that talking trash has always been on trend. "They used to call me Big Duval, you hear me?" Lil D's character tells his clients in the clip. (Um...was that in the 3rd grade, D?) "Shut your little ass up," Shaq's character interjects. "Shaq was the best big man ever." Standing tall at 7'1," we can't say we disagree with ya there, Mr. O'Neal. Perhaps Lil D shouldn't either...

Check out the funny ad, and watch more of Lil Duval on "Ain't That America," Wednesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!