That's What You Said...About Corey And Leah's Opposing Views On Ali's Physical Condition

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No parent would find it easy to accept that his or her child faces health issues, but on this week's "Teen Mom 2" episode, divorced couple Corey and Leah found themselves at odds over the level of seriousness of their daughter's condition and how to care for her. After the doctor told the exes that Ali likely had Ullrich disease, and advised them to enroll Ali in a specialized educational program, Leah agreed it was the smartest course of action to take, but Corey thought it was best to let the cards fall where they may and allow Ali to join her sister, Aleeah, in a traditional schooling environment. Which parent had the right idea?

After listening to Corey and Leah make their cases, fans took to the Shows Blog and Facebook to weigh in on the argument, and seemed to be pretty split on the issue. Whether they championed Leah's proactive stance or thought Corey was right to just hope for the best, they made sure their opinions were known. Read what some had to say below, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

"Corey's not wrong to hold on to hope, but he definitely needs to take a hard look at what the doctor has told him. Leah could use a little hope. They are great parents." -- Amy

"My son has Cornelia de Lange syndrome and putting him in a specialized program was the best thing I could do for him. He is actually improving. It was the best decision I ever made." -- Jamie

"It is called early intervention -- the best thing for Ali is to start now! Corey is a great dad but he needs to let Leah keep doing what she is doing. We as parents are our children's best advocates." -- Krys

"Leah is being a pessimist. I understand she's worried about her child's health (anyone would) but at least Corey is trying to stay positive." -- Adriana K.

"I applaud Corey for staying optimistic. Take the obstacles as they come and deal with them as needed, but don't limit Leah!" -- Tessa W.

"I know Corey loves Ali to death and wants the best for her, but if she needs specialized care, then that's what you gotta do." -- Kirsten L.