'Real World' Sneak Peek: Jenny's Argument With Brian Involves A Butcher Knife


Between hot oil and cutlery, this season's "Real World" cast really love pairing a good kitchen prop with their spats. On the show's next episode, Jenny and Brian, the former couple that shared a surprisingly sweet reunion when the exes moved into the house, will get a clear reminder of why they're broken up. In this sneak peek, it's not only harsh words they're tossing around -- when things get heated, Jenny waves a butcher knife in circles like she's a majorette in a slasher film. Good thing this house is big, and there's plenty of room to separate the two!

"You don't deserve my emotions. I don't know why I give them to you," Brian says as he walks toward Jenny, who's slicing tomatoes in the kitchen. Jenny dismisses her ex, trying to ignore his prods, but when he mocks her, she starts to lose it. "You're pushing me to a level of insanity," she says after Brian retreats to an armchair. Brian demands she stop waving around the knife she's holding during their argument, so, in true Jenny fashion, she proceeds to get up in his face and show him who's boss. Looks like there are rounds to come between these two.

Check out the clip, and see how things shake down when "Real World" airs Wednesday night at 10/9c!