6 MTV Singles Who Dreaded V-Day More Than You

Depending on your relationship status, Valentine's Day can be lovely or totally lame. If you're lucky enough to have found someone who can deal (and maybe actually likes) all of your quirks, then CONGRATS. If not, right about now you're probably well on your way to finishing off a box of bacon-wrapped chocolates and both seasons of "Girl Code" (catch re-runs tonight at 7/6c!). The one saving grace, however, is that you're NOT actually alone on your pity pot. You've got six lonely folks -- many who are now happily in love -- from MTV history who probably hated V-Day more than you. Check it:


Tamara ("Awkward")

Few things are worse than spotting your crush making out with your mortal enemy on Valentine's Day. Except for spotting your crush making out with your mortal enemy right before you pee yourself in public. Poor Tamara. Watch the episode all over again if schadenfreude's your thing.


Daria Morgendorffer

Daria spent the better part of her show cynically poo-pooing all things even remotely reminiscent of rainbows, butterflies and love. Especially love. Her sister Quinn can seriously suck it.

Lauren Conrad ("Laguna Beach")

While LC is happily engaged now, she wasn't always so lucky in lover land. The beach beauty bemoaned February 14th back in high school when she was unknowingly part of a love triangle with Stephen Coletti and Kristin Cavallari.


Deena Nicole Cortese (Seasons 3-5 of "Jersey Shore")

Oh, dear, sweet Deena. The spunky meatball bounced around from guido to guido (and sometimes guidette) before landing a solid guy shortly before Season 6 of "Jersey Shore." We're happy to report that she and Chris are still going strong today (follow her Twitter for loads of mushy pics), but there was a point when Cupid completely overlooked her.

Sadie Saxton ("Awkward")

The bitch face master had some unsolicited advice for boyfriends during the Valentine's Day school announcements during Season 2. "Carnations are the currency of the homeless," she says in the webisode above, shortly before spewing more hatred towards any and all PHHS couples.


Simon Cooper ("The Inbetweeners")

Simon adored Carly D'Amato so much, he was blind to the fact she had a boyfriend. Instead, he spent an entire episode completely grossing her out with (unsuccessful) attempts to win her heart. Yeouch.

Feel better now? Yeah, me neither.

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