'Ridiculousness,' 'Fantasy Factory' And 'Jerks' Have A Taste For Trouble [Sneak Peeks]


Tired of the same ol' Chinese takeout and pizza delivery service? Well, consider us your chefs du jour, because tonight, MTV's three-course offering of "Ridiculousness," "Fantasy Factory" and "Jerks With Cameras" aims to challenge your palette with new and exciting tastes, and by the time it's all over, you'll be convinced you just dined at Le Cordon Bleu. Your appetizers -- a collection of sneak peeks -- are available below. Sink your teeth in while they're hot!

First, on "Ridiculousness," Lil Duval will help the Red Couch Crew celebrate those with appetites for the artificial. In "Are You Real?," humans and animals alike will get down and dirty with inanimate objects. Some -- like a deer that's attracted to a synthetic version of its own species -- make honest mistakes, but a rabbit that tries to mate with a balloon and an elephant that's only got eyes for a tire seem a liiiittle off base. Tried online dating, guys?

Then, on "Fantasy Factory," Rob and Big will swing by the Dyrdek abode (in a mini-tank, of course) to ensure Rob's parents, Patty and Gene, are prepared for the eventual apocalypse. Rob's folks have the right idea with the giant water jugs they've got on reserve, but their son isn't convinced they're completely ready, and provides them with a filtered straw with which he's able to drink straight from the toilet. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Finally, on "Jerks With Cameras," Kara Luiz will serve as Los Angeles' friendly neighborhood taste-test representative. There's one small detail she fails to mention before members of the public try her fake company's energy drink, though -- it's made from urine. Naturally, when she shares the info, the thirsty passersby suddenly look nauseous, and one even threatens to sic her dog on the comedian. It's almost FDA-approved, guys! Lighten up!

Check out the clips, and be sure to tune in for the Thursday-trifecta at 10/9c!