Charlamagne Tha God Tests New Yorkers On Their Knowledge Of Black History [Sneak Peek]


February is Black History Month, but how much does your average New Yorker know about the Civil Rights Movement? Charlamagne Tha God recently hit the city's subway stations to see how many folks were able to identify some of the era's most famous faces -- as well as the politicians that have come since -- but in this "Charlamagne and Friends" sneak peek, the public quickly proves it could use a history class refresher.

In the clip below, Charlamagne starts out by showing people a picture of Malcolm X and asking who the man is, but is met with a bevy of "umms" and puzzled faces. When one white woman, who happens to have a biracial baby, is absolutely stumped, C decides to give her a pass. "You've had sex with a black man, and had him, so it's fine if you don't know," he says. Fair enough?

When it seems as if all hope is lost, and no man or woman will be properly recognized, the interviewees get their stuff together enough to pinpoint one notable person -- Michelle Obama! -- except, it's...not Michelle. The woman in the picture is actually former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Hey, they are both political figures enough?

Check out the clip and watch a new "Charlamagne and Friends" tonight at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!